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Gina is fantastic! She was such a great help and resource for use in getting our 7-month-old baby boy to sleep through the night and letting him learn how to fall asleep on his own. Working with Gina was one of the best decisions we’ve made so far as first-time parents.

Before the sleep training process, my son needed feeding or rocking to fall asleep, and needed co-sleeping and night feeding. My husband and I were really exhausted as my son woke up crying several times at night. Moreover, my son’s naps were short (30-40 mins). We’ve been thinking about sleep training but could not make up our mind before talking to Gina. Gina is highly knowledgeable, clear, easy to talk to, responsive and patient. She gave us the confidence we needed to make this massive transition. Gina helped to set up a clear sleeping plan and explained the underlying rationale. During the training, she checked my baby’s nap and bedtime status in a very timely manner and gave us advice on what to do in the next nap/sleep. Gina is always supportive and encouraging but not judgmental. The 2-week sleep training process was much smoother than I expected. My son can now sleep through the night IN HIS CRIB without feeding, and he can fall asleep on his own. Though his naps sometimes are still short, it has improved. Another big improvement is that he wakes up calmly and happy most of the time now.

It definitely takes commitment and patience to give baby sleep training, but it does work. We honestly could not have sleep trained our son without the expertise and support from Gina. We have learned a lot from Gina, which will be very helpful in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their children’s sleep.

Xin L. (Mother of a 7-month-old boy)
Millbrae, CA

Gina was absolutely incredible and beyond supportive. I wasn’t sure my 27 month old son’s sleep schedule could ever improve–he struggled with naps, night wakings, early mornings and climbing out of his crib. But right from our very first meeting, Gina assured us we could make big strides if we created a plan together and stuck to it. She was encouraging throughout the whole process, helping us make adjustments along the way! In just 2 weeks, Gina transformed my son’s whole sleep routine and we couldn’t be more thankful for her guidance and constant support! Our son transformed from an over-tired little one who was having lots of meltdowns to a happy go-lucky little one with a zest for life. The extra sleep he was able to get through Gina’s plan was life-changing and we’re so thankful to have a happy toddler again 🙂

Also thank you for speaking with us last night and outlining this plan for how we can continue to keep Emmett on-track and improve his early morning wake-ups in the future. We are really hopeful we can continue to stay the course you set us on and that we’ll arrive at a later wake-up time in the coming weeks. 

Thanks again for everything — we really appreciate all you’ve done for us!

Megan H. and Jeremy I. (Parents of a 27-month-old boy)
Buffalo, NY

As a Sleep Consultant, Gina has provided exceptional service and support throughout the two weeks program. At first, my husband and I were both skeptical as we didn’t think anything could change our daughter’s sleeping habits. She’s 4 and half years old already. Ever since we took her out to the crib, she has trouble falling asleep on her own, and has a habit of waking at night coming to our bedroom to sleep with us. She also fights to go to sleep early in the evening, and stays up till 9 pm or 10 pm on most days. After seeing her being so tired during the day, we’ve decided to go through the sleep training with Gina, and it was a game changer for us.

The first week was quite a challenge as we are breaking a habit which was formed for over two years. However, Gina has been there with us for every step of the way. She checks in several times a day, reads through our daily sleeping log, and coaches us and explains the reason why we need to do certain training with our daughter. She pays attention to every little detail, and also provided kind words when things were extra difficult. She’s approachable, detail oriented, and knowledgeable

After two weeks, our daughter is not only able to fall asleep on her own, we are also able to shift her bedtime to 6-7pm. We’ve seen drastic changes in her day time mood and energy, she also wakes up early in the mornings without any grumpiness . As parents, we no longer have to stay in her room to co-sleep each night, and we are finally able to relax before bedtime. It’s such a wonderful feeling. I would recommend Gina’s service to any parents who are willing to improve their children’s sleeping habits.

Debbie W. (Mother of a 4.5 year old girl)
Vancouver, BC

在认识Gina的时候,我们的⼩⼥⼉已经是6个多⽉⼤了。慢慢的在带宝宝的过程中发现 宝宝经常下午2点放下来也不睡觉,明明已经觉得她很困了也不愿意睡,很⾟苦的要抱 着摇着睡或者奶睡睡着之后,悄悄的放下来很容易醒来,睡也睡不⻓,很多时候都是睡 40分钟就醒来了,基本上没办法续觉。晚上睡觉的时候,宝宝每3个⼩时就会醒来要 喝奶(1点,4点),喝完奶之后奶睡过去,有时候吃完奶还不睡,就精神了起来玩个1 ~2⼩时才累了睡着。⽇积⽉累,宝宝和爸妈都没有得到很好的休息。 

经历了14天的睡训,我家的宝宝现在已经7个多⽉。她现在已经是⼀个能让爸妈不⽤担⼼睡觉的宝宝,⽩天有稳定的睡觉时间和睡眠质量,⽽且宝宝也学会了续觉这个重要的技能。现在已经睡训20天,宝宝睡觉稳定,⽩天2~3⼩时,晚上12~13⼩ 时。即使有时候睡眠质量⼀般,我们也能根据在Gina上学到的去安排接下来的作息去 补偿回来,让宝宝不会处于过度疲劳的状态。晚上的时候,我们现在已经是那种,说了 晚安亲亲关灯关⻔睡觉,宝宝⾃⼰安抚⾃⼰⼊睡的家庭。宝宝睡了之后,就是我们和⼤⼥⼉⼀家三⼝吃饭陪伴的时间,⼤⼥⼉也不再说我们⼀直陪着宝宝⽽失望。⽩天的时 间,由于没有了夜晚吃奶的动作,感觉宝宝吃辅⻝喝奶更好了(就像我们大⼈⼀样,⽩天努⼒吃,晚上睡觉)。现在宝宝醒了,都是精⼒充沛对着我们笑带有⼀种甜甜的喜悦, 随时精神饱满的去探索我们这个是世界。幸福来得太突然,⾮常庆幸当初的选择,决⼼和坚持,也⾮常感谢Gina⼀直以来的指导和耐性。最最最重要的还是家⻓的态度,作为⽗⺟责⽆旁贷当亲⼒亲为,也只有坚持才会有所改变,让宝宝成⻓的更好。

Justin D. (Dad of a 6 months old girl)
San Jose, CA

Gina is simply incredible! I cannot recommend Gina enough for her amazing work in helping my 11-month-old son sleep through the night. Before working with Gina, my son was waking up several times a night, leaving both him and the family exhausted and frustrated. As a parent, I was struggling with it and was at a loss as to what to do. After working with Gina, I am happy to say that my child is now sleeping soundly and consistently through the night.

Gina was extremely knowledgeable and professional in her approach. She listened attentively to my concerns and provided me with a comprehensive plan to help my son establish healthy sleep habits, and that plan worked wonders for my son’s sleep routine. The guidance was clear, practical, and easy to follow, and she always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Gina designed a sleep log for me to record all details about my son’s sleep. She checked the log multiple times per day and was always able to give constructive feedbacks. In addition, Gina is also extremely emotional supportive and responsive, she is the only reason I could persist to the end of this 2 weeks, and the result is fruitful. In another word, she made me feel empowered as a parent and helped me build confidence in my ability to help my child’s sleep needs. Her expertise and support were invaluable in guiding me navigate this challenging time as a new parent.

Working with Gina was one of the best investments I’ve ever made. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are immeasurable, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing my son is well-rested is priceless. Gina helped me and my family in ways I never thought possible, and I am forever grateful for her relentless supports.


Amber C. (Mother of a 11-month-old old boy)
Long Island, NY

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