Every child
is different
and they all need
Healthy Sleep!

Sleep, Play and Love!

Do you Need Help?

Are you struggling with your little one’s sleep?

Is your little one not able to fall asleep unless you nurse or rock?

Does your little one wake up crying several times at night?

Does you little one have very short naps and wake up crying?

These are all the common sleep problems my clients have experienced…

And I can help!

Why working with a sleep consultant?

Meet Gina

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

When I was pregnant, I didn’t pay any attention to the sleep of a baby at all. My daughter started to have common sleep problems soon after we got home. When she was 7 months old, I hired a Sleep Consultant after months of suffering and lacking of sleep. That was a game-changer! I got my life back. Not only my daughter, everyone in the family can sleep well and become energetic.

After realized how important and valuable sleep is to a child and how many families are suffering from lacking sleep, I want to help!  I studied at Family Sleep Institute and got certified as a Pediatric Sleep Consultant. I am passionate to educate, guide and support parents to establish a healthy sleep foundation for their child.

After graduation, I founded Little Joy Child Sleep Consulting in 2022 and I was also hired by Maven Clinic as one of their Pediatric Sleep Consulting providers.    

How to Start?

Easy Process to Work with Me

Step 1

Browse my packages and schedule a free 15-minute discovery call if you want.

Step 2

Pick a package, make a payment and sign the contract.

Step 3

Book a consulting appointment, complete the Client Intake Form, and have the initial consultation.

step 4

Receive a customized sleep plan, review and implement the plan with my daily support.


What My Clients Say?

Gina was absolutely incredible and beyond supportive. She was encouraging throughout the whole process, helping us make adjustments along the way! In just 2 weeks, Gina transformed my 27 months old son's whole sleep routine and we couldn't be more thankful for her guidance and constant support! Our son transformed from an over-tired little one who was having lots of meltdowns to a happy go-lucky little one with a zest for life.
-- Megan H. and Jeremy I.
(Parents of a 27-month-old boy)
At first, my husband and I were both skeptical as she's 4 and half years old already. Gina has been there with us for every step of the way. She pays attention to every little detail, and also provided kind words when things were extra difficult. She's approachable, detail oriented, and knowledgeable. After two weeks, we've seen drastic changes in our daughter's day time mood and energy, and she fall asleep on her own. We are finally able to relax before bedtime. It's such a wonderful feeling and a game changer for us.
-- Debbie W
(Mother of a 4.5 year old girl)
Gina is fantastic! She was such a great help and resource for use in getting our 7-month-old baby boy to sleep through the night and letting him learn how to fall asleep on his own. Working with Gina was one of the best decisions we’ve made so far as first-time parents. Gina is always supportive and encouraging but not judgmental. The 2-week sleep training process was much smoother than I expected. We have learned a lot from Gina, which will be very helpful in the future.
-- Xin L.
(Mother of a 7-month-old boy)
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Changing the time a child is put to bed dramatically decreases the number of night awakenings.

Marc Weissbluth M.D. (Author of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child)