Sleep Training FAQ's

Unfortunately, there’s no such a “no-cry” solution. I completely understand how hard it is to hear baby cry (believe me, I have been there too). However, we are teaching a new skill to your child and changing a habit that might be there for months/years. Crying is their way of complaining to changes, it’s human nature. A certain level of crying is inevitable during the process no matter which method you choose. However, I will start with where parents are comfortable, and customize a sleep plan that suits your child. 

Sleep training is not just to let your baby cry to sleep, there are other very important factors (such as a schedule that aligns with the body’s biological rhythm, a suitable sleep environment, and a calming sleep routine, and etc) that work together with the method itself. These are all part of the puzzle!

It’s a short amount of time of “’s so hard”, and always remind yourself why you want to do it and what’s the benefit to your child and the whole family. Trust your child can learn to sleep independently, and give your child an opportunity to impress you!

Extinction is one of the common methods, which is very quick and effective. That’s not the only method I offered. I have other methods for parents to choose from, depending on the parents’ comfort level and the temperament of the child.

There are many researches that have proved Cry It Out is not harmful to a baby both physically and psychologically in the short-term and long-term. I am happy to share some papers with you if interested. 

Once a baby is older than 4 months of adjusted age (based on due date), that’s usually when the body’s internal clock (Circadian Rhythms) begins to mature. For example your baby is born on Feb 1st, and her/his due day is Jan 1st, then we need to wait until May 1st.

There’s no max age, I can help school-aged child as well.

Yes! I encourage a separate bedroom for babies older than 6 months of age. However, if due to the room limitation, I can help with sleep training baby in a shared room. 

Unfortunately I don’t support co-sleeping as per the AAP guidelines, however if you want to stop co-sleeping, I can definitely work with you towards that.

Absolutely! I always encourage parents to consult pediatrician whether your baby is okay to do sleep training and whether a night feeding is needed. Please follow the doctor’s advice on any medical issues. 

It depends. If the night feeding (s) is age appropriate and baby is truly hungry, then we will keep the night feeding (s). Otherwise, we will work on getting rid of the night feedings, as it might interrupt sleep. 

If that’s the case, we will pause the sleep training process and wait until your child is recovered. Usually we can continue the process and do not need to start from the beginning.

I totally understand things can be very difficult for some parents, especially in the first few days. Consistency is the key here! I really encourage parents to hold on and commit to at least 2 weeks. However, if you are determined and decide to stop sleep training, there will be no refund

Yes, I offer in-home visit for the initial consultation with an extra charge of $100 for the traffic time, if you are located within 30 minutes drive from my location (Cupertino, CA 95014). However, I don’t provide in-home service to sleep training your child.